You`re next

You`re next / USA, 2011
Dir: Adam Wingard



Adam Wingard, the director known to us already for films like “Pop Skull” and “A Horrible Way to Die”, is back with his sixth feature film, being one of the rising talents of independent cinema. He, who is especially known for being a genre filmmaker, can be always spotted due stylish handwriting – being smart, clever, tense and always somewhat cool. And of course, for his continuous collaboration with a whole gang of awesome and talented people - Simon Barett, Ti West and Joe Swanberg.


Erin accompanies her boyfriend, Crispian, to his wealthy family's reunion at their remote Missouri vacation house. Also present at the vacation house are Crispian's parents, his brother, Drake, Drake's wife, his other brother, Felix, Felix's girlfriend, and his younger sister Aimee and her boyfriend Tariq. What starts out as a peaceful family reunion in a secluded home, despite the very obvious tension between the various family members, devolves into utter madness and hysteria when a family is inexplicably attacked by assailants wearing animal masks.

Right there in the dinner table, Tariq is shot in the head by a crossbow bolt and Drake is shot in the back. Finding their cell phones are jammed, Aimee attempts to escape the house to get help but runs into a garrote wire, slashing her throat and killing her. In the heavy killing spree and panic, we realize how Erin begins to organize the family's defense and soon enough the gang of mysterious killers learn that one guest at the party has a hidden talent for fighting back. A good time to stop writing and to quote the ancient Romans - “May the games begin”.

Maria Reinup 


Length 1h 35'
Language English
Subtitles EST
Cast AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Sharni Vinson
Script Simon Barrett
Production Snoot Entertainment / Hanway Films
Distributor Volga Film
Awards and festivals Toronto, Sydney, Night Visions FF
Programme Opening Film

Thu, 24.04.

20:00 - Big Hall