Beyond / Kyrgyzstan, 2013
Dir: Emil Atageldijev, Erke Džumakmatova



International premiere!

The crew of paranormal phenomenon reality-show „Beyond“ decides to spend a night in the rooms of abandoned science institute. There are rumors among the locals about the untold creature`s activity. They still decide to do it despite the fact that some of the witnesses are forced to tell the story to the camera to make to show as believable as possible and the crew has indifferent and quite apathetical attitude about all kinds of ghosts. But suddenly on one night the electricity is gone and the horror-show can start!
This psychological thriller with the elements of horror movie is considered to be the first in its own genre in Kyrgyzstan despite the fact that in the republics of Central Asia the belief in the afterlife and ghosts is very common. So far this movie has been screened only in local cinemas. It is this movies international premiere.


Length 1h 30'
Language Russian
Subtitles ENG
Cast Akžibek Beišebajeva, Naizabek Sõdõkov, Danijar Tagaejev
Script Emil Atageldijev, Erke Djumakmatova
Production OYMO/Altay Cinema Group
Programme Main Programme

Sat, 26.04.

14:00 - Big Hall