The Room

The Room / USA, 2003
Dir: Tommy Wiseau



“The Room” was in the cinemas for a short while when it was released in the U.S. But for everyones surprise, due to the fact that not many had ever seen a love drama so bad, it was already damn good, the film turned out as a proper hit. Today it is named one of the cult hits of the midnight movies legacy, that is not only shown over the years in different festivals, but also being screened in many cinemas for the past 10 years with no signs of people getting over the craze. And let me tell you, this is something for a X-roll film like ”The Room”. There are hardcore fans, going to the screenings dressed up as the characters of the film. Heck, even stars like Michael Cera and Aleck Baldwin have named “The Room” as their all time favorite film!


There are rumors about how this film was made, that could be great material for another wacko film - for example it is said that Tommy Wiseau, the director-scriptwriter of this film, sold Korean leather jackets for years and thus financed all those millions of the budget on his own. And yes, he also plays the lead in the film, being an eccentric and a wonderful lunatic behind and in front of the camera. Yet, all this good becomes even better when watching this film is a sharing experience, meaning sitting together with everyone and enjoying the madness of the film in the cinema.


We want to make it especially cool for you – the film will be introduced by Elias Eliot who has been screening “The Room” in Kopenhagen for the past three years, every first Friday of the month for full halls. He is also bringing with him a rare short documentary about making “The Room” and the film itself is on a 35 mm print. Pure fun, that’s a promise!


Maria Reinup


Length 1h 39'
Language English
Cast Tommy Wiseau, Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero
Script Tommy Wiseau
Production Wiseau-Films
Programme For Freaks

Fri, 25.04.

21:30 - Big Hall