Dead banging

Dead banging / Japan, 2013
Dir: Eiji Uchida



European premiere!

Kanna is a heavy metal singer, but her stage fright cripples all attempts at her band's success. One day, she meets a long-haired, head-banging, Zombie Tetsuo who changes all that, prompting Kanna to start a new, all-girl (and Zombie) metal band, called Hanaji ("Nosebleed") where Tetsuo the Zombie becomes their death metal vocal. Meanwhile, the zombie infection keeps on spreading as its quite easy whilst heavily head-banging to turn into metal-zombies...
This is one hell of a nice ride, especially for those who like rock and roll or heavy music and like the idea of metal heads looking a little like regular zombies in action. For the director Eiji Uchida
 this is not a first picture, it is a bit raw for third one, but sometimes thats exactly what we like – crazy cool indie topped with some zombies!

Maria Reinup


Length 1h 35'
Language Japanese
Subtitles ENG
Cast Naoko Watanabe, Gacharic Spin, NIY, Shugo Oshinari, Ryusuke Komagine
Script Eiji Uchida
Production animoproduce
World sales STORIES
Programme For Freaks

Fri, 25.04.

00:15 - Small Hall