Black sea

Mar Negro / Brazil, 2013
Dir: Rodrigo Aragao



When something strange is going on in the sea, a couple of fishermen accidently bring back infected fish to their small community. The fish infects people and turns them into flesh-eating ghouls - and a local brothel just got a large batch of the fish for their perverted customers and workers to eat.
Dark Sea is a crazy and crazed horror film… an old-fashioned B-Movie affair that may make little sense, but as a gore splattered creature feature it ticks pretty much all of the right boxes.


Length 1h 39'
Language Portuguese
Subtitles ENG
Cast Marcela Castanheira, Mayra Alarcón
Script Rodrigo Aragao
Producer Fábulas Negras
Production Fábulas Negras
World sales Zinema Zombie Fest
Awards and festivals Rio de Janeiro, Sitges, BUT FF
Programme For Freaks

Sat, 26.04.

22:00 - Small Hall